Yorkville lifestyle goes hand in hand with Palace Pier luxury home
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Toronto's Gem
Yorkville lifestyle signifies the best in life. From fine dining to shopping, Yorkville can be considered as the destination of choice for people who enjoy finer things in life. It is where all the socialites and celebrities gather, it is where everyone hopes to be a part of. To simply put, Yorkville is synonymous with luxury, comfort and wealth within Toronto, much like 5th Avenue in New York city or Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré in Paris.
Luxurious Living in Toronto
There are also residential properties which cater to people who enjoys the best things in life. Palace Pier is a luxury condominium which offers everything you can think of. From sporting facilities to private park space, from shuttle services to valets, life at Palace Pier is much like staying at exclusive five star hotels. If you want the best in life, living at Palace Pier will be definitely be a requirement.
A Standard of Luxury Condo
While there are numerous luxury condominiums in Toronto, none is as refined or as planned as Palace Pier. In life, it's the small details that enhances our everyday activities. Having your dry cleaning taken care of for you, having the option of fine dining just an elevator ride away, being offered a shuttle service to a nearby mall throughout the day is just some of the services offered by Palace Pier. Palace Pier is an organic residence specifically designed to enhance your life. Rather than having to take care of chores on your own, all you have to do is enjoy your life while your home offers all the necessary services to save your precious time.
Purchasing at Palace Pier
To obtain detailed information regarding ownership within Palace Pier, you should visit www.regencyparkrealty.ca take a peek. Regency Park is represented by Irene Goodman, a realtor who specializes in properties at Palace Pier. As you can imagine, availability at Palace Pier is always scarce. By having a specialized realtor represent you, you will be able to gain insider access to Palace Pier's community and never miss out on an opportunity at your dream home.
A Name You Can Truly Trust
In fact, Irene Goodman herself resides in Palace Pier since she understands what it offers. She both works and lives from a SOHO she has created within the condominium, offering her clients exclusive access to her suite. This enables them to take their time to tour the entire complex and experience firsthand what luxury condominium really means. Visit www.regencyparkrealty.ca or call 416-236-1005 to get a hold of Irene Goodman today.

Regency Park Realty Limited 416-236-1005 www.regencyparkrealty.ca

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